Hybrigenics SA Hybrigenics SA
Basic, pharmaceutical and agro-biotech research relies on protein interaction data to understand cell physiology and pathology, identify new therapeutic targets and uncover the mechanisms of action of drugs. Since its inception in 1998, Hybrigenics has been a major player in the field of protein interactions with landmark contributions and achievements. Hybrigenics scientists were among the first to provide the community with high quality, large-scale protein interaction maps for bacteria (Rain et al. Nature 2001) and eukaryotes such as Drosophila (Formstecher et al., Genome Research 2005) and Homo sapiens (Colland et al., Genome Research 2004). These published dataset can be browsed freely thanks to PIMRider software, a dedicated protein interaction database.
UbiQ UbiQ
UbiQ develops and commercializes ubiquitinated peptides, ubiquitin-based reagents and high throughput assays, which enable and expedite drug discovery in the rapidly expanding ubiquitin field. UbiQ, founded in 2010, is a spin-out of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Amsterdam.
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